babywucky (babywucky) wrote,


I have been contemplating and I have decided a few things...
I am going to see about seeing if my store can get a donation code so customers can donate money to victims and impact area of katrina. I mean with gas going up, one person will be able to do less, but if we work together we can make a differance.

I am going to suggest the idea to my management and I am even going to donate $100 of my ot earnings to it if they go through with it, maybe more. I mean ot last week, this week and probably next week. Yes, I do have bills, we all do, but some people are homeless, still with bills, vehicles smashed, jobs lost, I will do what I can...My company generally does do a good job finding a way for people to donate I think they will for this. I doubt many other countries would help us, even though we do our best to help them too. We need to work as a group to solve these problems.

I recommend we all do what we can, any junk you want to get rid off, might be able to help.. We have kids who lost their toys, books, puzzles anything you want to get rid of talk to Red Cross see if they can transfer it down there with the next shipment of stuff to help all of them.
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