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I am always looking for more friends so if you want to read my stuff, on my AB/DL/
Age play and my work and family and relations with my fiancee, then leave a comment, I do not have a big audience yet.

Furthermore, I want to get a minor role-playing game dealing with the fetish. If you are interested comment on it.
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hey im interested in being your ab and dl and if you read my lj you can see i have a bf and what were currently not 18 just yet but i will be this year and i always clear the history of going to these places too so i wont be found out or anything...but if you still dont want to because im not 18 yet then thats okay, no hard feelings...
I am fine with it, when do you turn 18?
Are you into Role playing games, I do not just mean age play, I am talking GURPS or Dungeons and Dragons because I want to get a GURPS session here at some point.
in december... ive never actually gotten a real chance to age play before....but i think it would be fun to try...also i dont know much about dungeons and dragons or gurps, sorry...but if theres anything else i could possible help you with let me know! <3
added you
I'm new at LJ, so...ummm...
Are yous a boy or a girl? Do you have Y! Messanger? [Anyone reading this can IM knockoutpanda and ask if Baby Janey is in! :D] I only do stuff online, I'm 19f and in a prominent NE college.