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Well this is my AB/Dl journal, I posted a few things already but they were all friend associated. Reply and add me as a friend I will do the same for you.
You can flirt with me, but remember I am taken, and if I lose her, there is a long line of competing for me, so good luck.

I am not the one to break up engagements or even involvements, so unless she breaks up with me, I do not see us falling apart. She also said she never breaks up involvements either, if things get so bad, I might have to be the bad guy.

But anyway if you want to be friends let me know. I am willing to be friends with any and all Adult baby or diaper lover 18+.

Sorry no teens, not till 18, I do not want to be accused by your parents or the law of corrupting you, or doing anything sexual with you, which I would not do(but people are odd sometimes).
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